What Girls are Saying…

  • In this class I can escape everything that is going on around me! I enjoy exploring all kinds of yoga and talking about my feelings, it’s a great balance! We do lots of games and activities! Every week we have a new topic that we talk about I can relate to almost all of it which makes me feel really good about myself! I have also made lots of friends through this class. PS Age 12
  •  I’m not different, or judged, I can be myself. People understand me. I’m not “that weird kid.”  I don’t know, I could zone out, not be a nervous wreck, and it’s relaxing and not stimulating for my Adhd.  HK Age 12
  • I liked this class because I feel like I can express myself in it. I feel safe. AN Age 11
  • I like how open everyone is about their feelings. It’s like yoga/group therapy. LC Age 12
  • We got to just talk about what we usually don’t talk about in public or just with others. Calming, relaxing. Making new friends. Feeling not so alone. TR Age 13
  • I can express how I feel here and be myself.  It’s a nice balance between yoga and talking.  I made good friends and it’s calming.  It helps me escape my anger and frustration.  LM Age 11 1/2
  • I liked that we could talk about whatever.  It was great to relate , meet new people, and share stories.  All the girls exchanged phone numbers and we’re keeping in touch! I am glad I could be myself and meditate. I’ve learned a lot form this class. EA Age 13
  • I really enjoyed this class in general.  It was very calming and I really liked how we could share our feelings. This is a place where nobody will judge you, and everybody welcomes you! QS Age 13

What Parents are saying…

Kim weaves in messages about kindness, appreciation, self-esteem and self-reliance that make the hour not only relaxing, but empowering. My daughter looks forward to the class all week and consistently relates what she learned in Kim’s class to her daily life. This class has been one of my favorite things I’ve ever enrolled my daughter in and we just love the program. It’s the most wonderful way to end a full day at school. Thank you Kim for all you do! – L.H.

I really don’t have the words to thank you for this class. The timing this year has been great. My daughter has grown emotionally and socially, by leaps and bounds. It has been such a joy to be her mom and know that there are all of these caring people who are actively involved in her development. Thanks for being part of our family’s village. We cherish you in my daughter’s life, and as a consequence of that, in all of our lives. 🙂 You’re one of a kind! – S.C.

Thank you so much for being such a positive, strong woman in my daughter’s life.  It’s just lovely to have another someone outside of the family who is so teaching her important stuff that is hard for her mom to teach her alone. This is the best money I have spent on this kid in ages. And for the record, she loves it too, not just me 😉 – S.C.

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