Welcome! My classes are for tweens and teens (4th grade on up).  Girls Rock is a combination of discussion, relaxation and other experiential activities that teach girls about themselves so they can better navigate girl world (i.e. friendships, frenemies, conflict, self-image, social media, etc).

What’s special about this program?

  • I design the class based on the needs of the girls signed up
  • Girls gain awareness of their behaviors
  • We address ways to deal with emotions- worry, anxiety, anger, fear
  • Great for the less outgoing girl as well as the outgoing girl
  • Builds trust and community
  • Girls are always given a choice on whether they want to share/ participate
  • We laugh a lot

Benefits for your daughter:

  • Be more confident
  • be safe on social media
  • be able to handle failure, imperfection
  • be able to handle bullying
  • Have the courage to be herself when girls are trying so hard to fit in

I work with sensitive and perceptive kids in the Portland, Oregon metro area who are eager to learn about themselves with the intention of building their confidence from the inside out. Through games, role play, discussion, and relaxation, the girls develop a stronger sense of who they are so they are able to navigate the complexities of friendships in girl world. The girls learn to override the negative voices in their head and tune in to their inner voice to guide them through difficult times. Most importantly, the girls create a safe community to be their true selves and have fun!